'Take One Picture' A Creative Partnership at Downhills School

  • Sketching at the National Gallery.
  • We focused on spacific parts of the image to explore in the practical sessions
  • Pupils put themselves in the picture using collage
  • Making columns with bamboo, cane, ties and tape
  • Wooden column with rope
  • Arch - as in Architecture
  • Carefully mixing plaster
  • Pouring into clay moulds
  • Some cast arches
  • Clay moulds for casting plaster columns
  • The plaster was coloured using earth pigments
  • Attaching clay leaves to make a Corinthian capital
  • The finished ceramic column
  • Constructing a monkey skeleton using aluminium wire
  • Clad with foam and tape the monkeys can be bent and posed
  • Making armour
  • Cane, mesh and hessian to make animal heads
  • Collage ballustrade
  • Some of the costumes made with Dean
  • The assembled set with columns, obelisk, armour, balustrade and animals
  • The completed scene with costumes infront of the audience
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Building on the National Gallery's 'Take One Picture' programme, pupils got involved through a large range of techniques and processes, using many different tools and materials to explore selected aspects of the Veronese painting. Costume designer Dean Blunkell worked in parallel and our work came together in a moving performance at the end of the term. The duration of the project enabled the pupils to build confidence in their creativity and led them to initiate the direction of the sessions.
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Project Summary

NEWS:Selected for the Take One Picture Display at the National Gallery.
LocationDownhills Primary School, Islington
Year GroupYear 3, Keystage 2
DateSpring 2011
CommissionerCreative Partnerships (enquiry school)
Budget£ 10-15K
DurationSessions were 2 days a week for a term.
MaterialsVarious: Metal, clay, plaster, wood, cane, tape, plastic.

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