'Florescence' Hybrid Garden Sculpture


Applying my obsession with itteration and variety within simplicity. This is is almost a pop-up sculpture kit, made from one shape only, repeated at various scales. Bolted together in different combinations as it was 'grown' in different locations. The resulting hybrids had a powerful life and energy. The brushed and polished stainless steel does some beautiful tricks with reflected light and seems to relate well to water.
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Project Summary

Exhibition LocationsArtparks , Guernsey 2004
Hillier Arboretum 2006
Royal Botanic Gardens, Dublin 2006
PriceVariable according to size
MaterialsLaser cut stainless steel plate (brushed and polished), stainless fixings.

Also under studio+

Project picAn installation by the river
Project pic

Exhibition in Wembley
Project picJust a minute in the studio